Do loose leaf Chinese teas have caffeine in them?

You know teas like Oolong, Green, and Jasmine- the ones you find in China town that aren’t packaged in tea bags- do those teas also have caffeine?

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  • Just Me:

    Yes, ALL teas have caffeine, even the ones that have been decaffeinated have traces. Researchers have found traces of caffeine in both teas and coffees that have been "decaffeinated".

    An 8 oz leaf or bag of tea has approx. 50 mg of caffeine.

  • Pyramider:

    Green tea certainly has caffeine. For all brands read the label or ask the vendor, usually they know. Most do have caffeine, few do not.

  • xmagjade:

    To date, the only negative side effect reported from drinking green tea is insomnia due to the fact that it contains caffeine. However, green tea contains less caffeine than coffee: there are approximately thirty to sixty mg. of caffeine in six – eight ounces of tea, compared to over one-hundred mg. in eight ounces of coffee.

  • ddlcc:

    Yes, a little bit.

  • Tamara:

    They have some, but not as much. The ones you lised are herbal teas with little or no caffiene.

  • girlsrgamers2:

    I know Oolong has caffeine. Isn’t it yummy!

  • beautie:

    Yes, but you can buy decaffeined, they are just as good for you.

  • tymiri:


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