Does caffeine really make you stop growing?

I’v stopped drinking tea and limited coffee because I don’t want to shrink or stop growing lmao.

I’m 16

4 Responses to “Does caffeine really make you stop growing?”

  • MisterTattiePie4U:

    No, it’s an old wives tale.

  • Lindsey:

    yea it does inhibit your growth. so try to moderate how much you have.

  • Bri:

    I don’t think so, i had friends that never drunk coffee and they’re as short as can be, and friends who gulp that soda down and keep growing, i think it’s one of those parent sayings

  • Milka D:

    Hi, all I could tell you is that meat makes you grow, "you could look it up". Exercises is great for making you grow, but try not to do weights this could stop the process. Caffeine won’t stop you from growing, because if this was true my cousin would not be 6’1.

    Hope my answer helps you!

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