How do you make Greek Coffee?

I had it several times in a small restaurant operated by a Greek family. It is thick and flavored, stronger than espresso. The cook would not share his recipe.

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  • Scorpion:

    Greek coffee is easy to make. First, measure the required cups of water into the briki. The measure should be one of the cups that the coffee is going to be served in. It is advisable not to make more than 3-4 small cups of coffee at a time.
    Greek coffee can be made in four different ways. He can be sketos (without sugar, strong and bitter), metrios (medium, usually with one teaspoonful of sugar), glykys or vari glykos (almost honey-sweet) and glykys vrastos – sweet but boiled more then once so it loses most of its froth. Depending on which art of Greek Coffee you like, measure and add into the briki the coffee, a teaspoonful of coffee per cup, and the sugar. For a medium coffee the best balance is to add the same amount of sugar as coffee. Put the briki on a low heat and stir its contents a little, until the coffee is diluted in the water. Hold the briki by the handle all the time as it boils so quickly and spills everywhere. Watch it starting to rise with a bubbly foam. Let it rise – and don’t panic! – until it reaches the lips of the briki and then immediately withdraw from the heat. Once the coffee has been made, let it stand for one minute to allow the coffee grounds to settle at the bottom of the briki. Pour a little in each cup, to distribute the froth in all the cups. Then proceed and just fill them up to the brim.
    Greek coffee is never stirred once it has been made and served and is drunk slowly. Serve it together with a glass of cold water.


  • cleazott:

    It’s the method in which they grind up the greeks.

  • zaidita25:

    1/2 cup coffee
    1/2 cup milk
    2 tsp honey

    Blend with 1/2 cup of ice and pour into a coffee mug

  • tigercub:

    Greek Coffee also known as Turkish Coffee

    You can make Turkish coffee in a regular sauce pan, but it will be much easier to make using an ibrik, also called a finjan in some places.

    Start with sugar. For each small cup, add one rounded teaspoon of sugar.

    Fill the ibrik with water up to the narrowing, known as the neck.

    For each cup, add one heaping teaspoon of coffee.


    Place the ibrik on a heat source (your kitchen stove or, better yet, a camp stove.)

    The coffee should start to foam soon. When the foam reaches the top of the ibrik, remove from heat and stir.

    When the foam subsides, return it to the heat. Wait for it to foam again.

    When the foam reaches the top of the ibrik, again, remove from heat, stir, and return to the heat.

    Some say that the ibrik should be removed and returned only twice, while others claim that the ibrik should be removed from the heat, stirred, and returned to the fire as many as four times.

    The last time you remove the ibrik from the flames, don’t stir it. You’ll be left with a nice foam which is a perfect topping to your Turkish coffee.

    Pour some coffee into each cup, making sure not to take the last bit of coffee from the ibrik.

    The last 1/3 cup will be pure mud, and should not be poured into the sink unless you have a garbage disposal. If you do not have a garbage disposal, throw the rest into a garbage can.

    Drink slowly and enjoy! If you choose to add milk, please do not tell your Turkish friends about it.

  • robibi84:

    A few keys to making it thicker. Keep placing it on the burner and taking it off. Don’t do this once. Do it on average ten times. It gets easier and easier to boil over but it makes it better. Also, add some ground cardamom to the coffee grounds. A quick way to get it to settle: Right after boiling the grounds need to settle before serving, add a teaspoon of cold water to the top. This makes the ground settle alot faster than they would otherwise! Save the bottom of the pot (the mud) for those who love it!

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